FamilySwap – Lexi Luna,Sera Ryder: Bad Dad Jokes Lead To Swap Family Sex – S4:E8

Copy the link Bad Dad Jokes Lead To Swap Family Sex – S4:E8

 FamilySwap - Lexi Luna,Sera Ryder: Bad Dad Jokes Lead To Swap Family Sex - S4:E8

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Lexi Luna is determined to be the perfect swap mom. She tries to get everyone’s input on what they should get from the store, but Alex Mack and his swap dad Damon Dice refuse to take Lexi seriously. Instead, they give her answers full of innuendo and crack sexual jokes. Alex even goes so far as to say he wants to fuck his swap mom and his swap sister, Sera Ryder. Lexi claps back at Alex and Damon that that’s not what swap family is about. She and Sera put out there that they both just want a normal swap family with no sex. The boys have already made up their minds that they’re going to get into the girls’ pants, though. Lexi tells them that they can try, but maybe it’d be easier if they did some nice things for herself and Sera.The next day, Alex and Damon go out of their way to be nice to the girls. Alex is even kind to Damon by agreeing to get his swap dad’s slippers. When Alex goes to Damon’s bedroom, he finds the girls sitting together and giggling. Lexi admits they were just talking about Alex and about how well he and Damon have been doing. Alex says he still wants to fuck both girls, and Lexi replies that the only thing holding herself and Sera back has been the big deal they made earlier about not being sluts. Sera doesn’t believe her swap brother, but Alex has an opportunity and he’s not about to pass it up. He tells them that Damon sent him to the room to fuck them both. He even proves it by calling back to ask if Damon meant both of them. Thinking Alex is talking about the slippers, Damon yells there’s no point in just fucking one. That’s enough to convince Sera and Lexi. Dropping to their knees on the ground, they kick off a double BJ. The girls take turns deep throating Alex, and then they relocate to the bed with Lexi on her knees and Sera on her back beside her swap mommy. Sera begins masturbating as she watches Alex fuck Lexi in doggy. They’re just getting into their threesome when Damon walks in to see what’s taking so long. When she lays eyes on her swap dad, Sera takes good care of him with a BJ to get him started and then turning around so he can fuck her in doggy just like Alex is doing for Lexi. Swapping partners, Lexi hops onto Damon’s dick for reverse cowgirl action while Sera gets on Alex for a cowgirl ride. The girls switch it up again, with Sera riding reverse cowgirl on Damon and Lexi taking a cowgirl ride on Alex. On their backs, Lexi and Sera lay shoulder to shoulder as Lexi opens her thighs for Alex and Sera does the same for swap daddy Damon. Satisfied they’ve gotten both girls off, the guys both glut their partners with a creampie, finishing their swap family fuck fest with a bang.


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